Why Choose Us?

  • Professional, Punctual Staff
  • Attention To Detail
  • Reliable Service
  • Highly Experienced
  • Quick Response
  • Locally Owned & Operated

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Business Hours

8am - 4pm Monday-Friday
Indicators of a Professional Pool Company

Prime Pool Service

Average Joe Pool Service

Maintains full liability Insurance of $3 million to protect you

Yes! “Hey, that insurance costs money!”

Is available to you quickly. Returns calls promptly.

Always! “I’ll call them back when I wake up.”

ALL employees have achieved the Certified Pool Operator (CPO) designation

Yes! “What is that?”

Has completed advanced training on pool water chemistry, chlorination chemistry, and equipment repair

Yes! “uhhhh . . . “

Is a contributing member of national and local trade associations

Yes! “Nope”

Completes thorough background checks on ALL employees

Yes! “I can tell he is a good guy”

Completes routine random drug screening

Yes! “Hey man, I think drugs should be legal.”

Respects America enough not to hire and send illegal aliens into your backyard

Yes! “Well, my guys told me they were legal.”
Utilizes GPS dispatched and tracked vehicles for the community’s safety Yes! “Why would I need that?”

Understands the complex Compliance requirements for maintaining a commercial pool or spa

Yes! “All Pools are the same.”
“Cleans your pool like it is our own, every time, even years after you become a customer.” Yes! “Hey employee: Just do this special for the first couple months, then we can go down to the normal service.”
Inspects your equipment and communicates a little problem before it turns into a big problem Yes! “We are only paid to clean and besides, we make all our good money when something breaks!”
Never ever smokes, takes clothes off, urinates, gets in your pool, looks in your windows, or otherwise disrespects your family or your property (and loves dogs!) Absolutely! “Did you see Harry’s wife . . .”
Is the cheapest in town We are competitive but charge what it takes to do the job right. “Yes! Yes! We will beat any price!”
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